Mathematics and Computer Science Department


BMCC Math Course Requirements


  • Homework: <= 25%. This includes worksheets, projects, activities, participation, etc.
  • Final Exam: >= 25%
  • Quizzes and exams are remaining percentage


  • No retakes on exams. All exams, including the final exam, must be in one sitting and are closed book and closed notes.
  • Provisions may be made to replace one exam either with a retake of the lowest exam (different version) or by replacing the lowest exam with the final.

Final Exam

  • The final exam given must be the MTH111 Common Final Exam linked below.


» Common Final Exam

» MTH111 Canvas Course

. To make a copy of this course for yourself, open course and login to Canvas (if necessary). Click the 'Copy Entire Course' link on the settings page. You will automatically be assigned to the new course as a teacher. Note: you will need to have a MyOpenMath account to use the online homework in this course.

» Chapter Tests. These chapter tests align with the Stitz-Zeager textbook used in the Canvas course linked above.