Welcome to this introduction to Google Apps and Sharing.

If you do not have a Google account then go to right now to create one. Once at the Google home page, click “Sign In” in the upper right. On the sign in page, below the sign in form, click “create account” and follow the directions. For example my Google account is

Alternatively, I can make you a Google Account account through For example, my account here is

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More about a Google account

Your Google account comes with many great applications like GmailDrive, Docs, Sheets, YouTube, and many more.

Google Drive is an online storage system. Save any of your files there and access them from any computer. You can organize your files in folders like you can on your own computer. You can share these with others in many ways. We’ll check that out later.

Check out this tutorial from, Google Drive.

For more information on Google Drive,  check out Google’s Drive Tutorial.

Google Docs is an online word processor. It is much like Microsoft Word, but simpler. Files created in Docs are automatically saved in Drive.

Check out the tutorial at, Google Docs.

For more practice, you can check out this tutorial from Google, Google Docs.

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet. It is much like using Microsoft Excel, but simpler. If you haven’t used a spreadsheet before then you are in for a treat. It is a giant, awesome calculator! Like in Docs, files created in Sheets are automatically saved in Drive.

Check out the tutorials at, Google Sheets.

If you want or need more practice with spreadsheets, then check out Google’s tutorial, Google Sheets Introduction.