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Rational Equations

Solve for `x` in `3/(x+2)-4/(x-5)=2/(x^2-3x-10)`

Factor all denominators:

Find the lowest common denominator:

Multiply all terms in the equation by the LCD:
`(x+2)(x-5)*3/(x+2)-(x+2)(x-5)*4/(x-5)` `=(x+2)(x-5)*2/((x+2)(x-5))`

Divide out the common factors:
`cancel((x+2))(x-5)*3/cancel(x+2)-(x+2)cancel((x-5))*4/cancel(x-5)` `=cancel((x+2)(x-5))*2/cancel((x+2)(x-5))`

The equation simplifies to:


It checks!!!

Balancing Blood Alcohol

Problem Situation: Calculating Blood Alcohol Content

`BAC = -0.015*"hours"+(2.84*"drinks")/("Weight"*"gender")`

Hours Blood Alcohol Content
0 0.116
1 0.101
2 0.086
3 0.071
4 0.056
5 0.041

Radical Equations

Solve for `x` in `sqrt(10-x^2)-x=2`

Isolate the radical:

Square both sides:

Clean up:

Collect all terms on one side:

Pray you can factor, or use Quadratic Formula:
So, `x=-3` or `x=1`

`sqrt(10-(-3)^2)-(-3)=sqrt(1)+3=4`, but NOT `2`
`x=-3` does not check!?!
`sqrt(10-(1)^2)-(1)=sqrt(9)-1=3-1=2`, This Checks!!!
So, only `x=1` is a solution

Compunding Interest Makes Cents

Problem Situation: The Value of a CD

Suppose you invest $1,000 principal in a two-year CD, advertised with an annual percentage rate (APR) of 2.4%, where compounding occurs monthly.



You should check with your advisor before taking a math class leading to calculus. Algebra classes are known to cause stress, anger, depression, and occassionally rashes, as well as lead to calculus. Please consult a physician if negative symptoms persist.

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