IOS 10.3

IOS 10.3

So recently apple made the new IOS 10.3 update available. According to apple this new 10.3 is improved and also gives you more storage on your phone. This storage is called “APFS, which replaces the Hierarchical File System that has been used in one form or another for three decades.” according to apple. Apple’s previous system that they used was  HFS+ and that it’s now 30+ years old and was begging for a new one.

I am personally really happy that apple made a new system and update because my phone was moving very slow and didn’t have a lot of storage. Now that apple has made an update my phone moves faster than ever. Also find my iPhone became a lot more helpful. Just this year apple created wireless headphones and just like phones you would use find my iPhone for your lost headphones. I think this is very helpful and useful because I know people lose headphones a lot and especially with the new wireless headphones people are bound to lose their headphones a lot easier and instead of buying new ones you can just find them.

Loan comparison

So here in my loan comparison I was trying to pay off a house and compare how much i would need to pay if I started now or later . If I had a mortgage for 15 years with 9% APR, i would have to pay 165,135.97. Now if I started later I would have to pay it for 30 years and i would pay 379,3258.28 . Personally I would choose the 15 years because its much more cheaper.

Technology Privacy

WikiLeaks this week published a trove of documents that appears to detail how the Central Intelligence Agency successfully hacked a wide variety of tech products, including iPhone’s, Android devices, Wi-Fi routers and Samsung televisions. If you have android phone your not really at risk of getting hacked, but if you have a Android phone and its the version 4.0. You are at risk of easily getting hacked. Today, about 30 percent of Android users, or at least 420 million people, are on a variant of Android 4.0, according to Google. With the limited information we have now, the best thing people can do is to stop procrastinating on updating their software. According to the article the best thing people could do is to always keep your devices up to date. Also if you have later version technology, the only thing they can recommend is getting the newest software out. Many iPhone owners are far more up-to-date with their mobile software than Android device owners. Basically have all of your technologies up to date or newest version so you can be more protected with your personal stuff.

Personally I am up to date with my my phone but am going to buy the newer version soon. I say just  be careful with what you look up and look at on your phone or computers. Especially  computers because the pop up ads are usually the things that get your computer a virus or hacked.

How to create word press posts

stepone       Step 1: Click on important Links

steptwo (2)      Step 2: Click on the wordpress BMCC link

miss                           Step 3: click on log in

stepthree        Step 4: click login with google

stepfour         Step 5: hover your mouse over the “post” menu.  Wait a second and you should see another drop menu that says ” add new” click on that.

stepsix          Step 6: you can title it anything you desire. like how to cook your favorite food.

stepseven            Step 7: when you feel like you wrote enough or even everything you needed press publish.


  1. Child called it by dave pelzer and was published on september 1,1995 was a great book. This book was a about a little boy who constantly got beaten night and day everyday through out his life. His mother hated him and would treat him like a slave.
  2. Hunger Games by Carolyn McCormick, Suzanne Collins and was published in 2008. I liked this book because it seemed cool and interesting.
  3. Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer was published 1997. I liked this book because this book is the continued from the other book child called it. It talks more into his life as he gets older.