2017 03-05

Microsoft Xbox One S

This article pretty much explained everything that was new with Microsoft’s new game console that released August 2nd, 2016. It had some new additions to the console like a 2 terabyte hard drive along with 4k video support. In addition to it have slightly more power to the first Xbox one it also was far smaller than the original which a lot of people did not like about the original console.


Honestly if I were someone new to gaming and was going to pick up a console I would just wait until later this year when  the Xbox one Scorpio releases because it will have all of the features of the Xbox one S and more! The Xbox one Scorpio is going to not only have 4k video support but its also going to have 4k gaming support and it will be much faster than both of the previously mentioned consoles.


https://www.cnet.com/products/microsoft-xbox-one-s-review/ ,Jeff Bakalar, August 2nd, 2016

2017 02-13

How to make a Cool Color Correction in Photoshop

So the first thing you’re going to want to do is create a new file 1




Then you want to choose your file size for this I chose 1920×1080




Then you Import your Picture by either opening it up or by copying and pasting for this I copied and pasted an image from a game coming out soon called For Honor.


Next you’re going to want to add a Curves adjustment layer and make it a bit of an S shape



Then you are going to want to add another Adjustment layer from the same tab as the Curves this one I went with some Brightness and Contrast.

















Next again you want to add another adjustment layer with this I went with vibrance


Again I add another Adjustment layer This time a Gradient map, I change the black to an Orange and the White to a black and then dropping the opacity to a 5%














Then again another adjustment layer This time its another curves but this time you want a slightly different curve you want a slight opposite of what you had last time.





















Then you should Group up the the Layers by Selecting the Top adjustment layer then while holding Shift selecting the bottom layer then after they are selected you want to press Ctrl+G on your keyboard this will put all the selected layers in a folder then if you want to (which I suggest to keep a clean work area) you can rename it.







Then if you have followed the steps you should have a pretty decent looking color correction here is the image without a color correction and then it with it. I personally like it with color correction. Also remember that all of these will change and look differently with different images so always keep that in mind!



2017 02-02

Loan comparison

15 year loan vs 30 year loan

15 year loan you pay $70,000, 30 year loan you pay $200,000

The 15 year loan you will pay $20,075.20 in intresest

The 30 year loan you will pay $375,782.50 in interest

Link to spreadsheet

Pros for the 15 year plan are you dont have to pay as much per month and you dont pay as much in interest

but you do get less money in the end

Some pros and cons for the 30 year plan are you get more money but you also have to pay back double what you borrowed


2017 01-15

My Birthplace.

I was born in Seattle,Washington

Favorite Books

  1. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows- By J.K Rowling. Published July 21,2007
    I Really Liked this one because it was a close to a long story and I believe it had a perfect ending!
  2. Catching Fire-  By Suzanne Collins. Published  September 1,2009
    This was my favorite out of the trillogy just because I enjoyed the envoirenment a lot more then the first. Also I felt the characters were more experienced at this point of the story compared to the first book.
  3. The Magicians- By Lev Grossman. Published August 11,2009
    I really liked the way the author progressed the main protagonist in this book it really showed his development as a character and person.