Shape Pizza fun

Pizza is always a favorite when it comes to food, and now pizza can be good not just because of the taste, but the shape as well. While pizza places sometimes make heart shaped pizzas for special occasions like valentines day they don’t typically make pizzas in any shape any time you want. A company called BeeHex has recently invented the Chef 3D. The Chef 3D is a 3D printer that allows you to print pizza in whatever shape your heart desires. No more boring circular pizzas at your party, have a theme your pizza can be printed out to follow it. Depending on preferences a BeeHex pizza will cost anywhere between $8-$15.  Once the shape and toppings have been chosen the technology’s nozzle gets to work, and squeezes liquefied dough into the shape you chose. The process then repeats with the sauce and cheese.

Nadia Zaidi,New 3D technology prints out pizza in any shape imaginable, March 3rd 2017

accessed March 5th 2017

Airport Security Compromised?!

It was discovered just a few days ago that Stewart International airport in New York has left its server backups exposed on the internet for almost an entire year. Located 60 miles North of Manhattan the airport serves hundreds of thousands customers each year, and is used regularly by the military. The airport is also well known as being used for accommodating charter flights of high profile guests, including foreign dignitaries.  They used an internet connected storage drive, but neither there backup drive or disk images were protected by passwords, leaving it open for anyone to access there accounts. The airport has been unknowingly leaking there highly sensitive files and information since last April. To put is somewhat simply the airport was acting as a public webserver, because they were backing up unprotected copies of their system to a Buffalo-branded drive, that was installed by a contract third party IT specialist. The files included 11 disk images, making up hundreds of gigabytes of files and folders. When added al together the files included dozens of airport staffs email, sensitive human resource files, pay roll data, and what was thought to be a large finical tracking database. Many of the files officials reviewed contained confidential internal airport documents.  One file however did hold a list of usernames and passwords for multiple different devices and systems. This resulted in allowing unreleased access to the airports internal network. With this information out hackers could do minor things like up grade themselves to first class, or things as major as making a boarding pass valid for someone on the no fly list. Anyone could access the database of travelers, and see who was going where when. Access to passengers names and passport numbers could also be retrieved, and used to track passengers both in and out of the airport. The problem is being fixed asap, and it does not appear any information was changed because of the exposure. However, just because the information is no longer available does not mean there is no chance of hacking taking place in the future.


Zack Whittaker  “Security lapse exposed New York airport’s critical servers for a year”  ZDNet 24 February 2017 Accessed 26 February 2017 Link to actual article


How to make a power point with Google docs


This is going to be showing you how to make a power point with google docs, it is called google slides.

  1. sign into your google account and get the home page of your google drive. You will then want to click on new and go down and click on google slides. A blank slide will show up, with themes on the side to pick from. When you have picked a theme click on it to insert it to your first slide.step1 step2
  2. Once you have chosen your theme go to insert and click on word art.  A box will show up and you will type whatever you want for the title. Step 3step 4

You can then go through and change the font, size, and color.step 53. When ready go up to insert and click on add new slide, this will add you a new blank slide.step6

4. When you have the 2nd slide inserted you can change the background, you will do this by clicking on the background button.step7 You can either change the color OR add a picture for your background. To add the picture you will click on image and chose, there will be options across the top as to where you want to get the pictures from. I got my picture from google drive, but you can upload one from your computer or pick one off the internet as well

Step 8step 9step 10

5. Once you have the background set with either the color or picture it’s time to add text, information about whatever your presentation is about. This will be done by clicking on the text box button, the text box button is a T with a square around it.

Screenshot (19)_LI Once you have done that you will draw your text box, type whatever you want, and edit it. You can change the font and color of your text  the same way as with the word art.step 11step 12

6. When you are done making your text look the way you want, move it around and place it wherever. step13

7. Repeat steps 3-6 until your done with your power point.

I hope this helps give you at least a better idea of how to make a power point with google slides.

15 vs 30 year mortgage

When needing a loan it its important to look into how long you want to take to pay it back. When doing a 15 year mortgage it does not take as long to pay off, but you are paying more per month. When doing a 30 year mortgage it takes longer to pay off, but the amount you pay per month is less. What you choose to do is probably going to depend on your monthly income, and how long you personally want to be paying back.


Top 3 books

  1. Looking for Alaska by John Green Published March 3rd 2005
    I enjoy the Author John Green, and this book was just another great piece of work on his part. Romance and mystery make this story exciting and hard to put down. I will forewarn that some tissues will probably be needed though.
  2. Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen Published May 11th 2004
    Sarah Dessen is an amazing teen romance writer, and unlike Looking for Alaska this one is a little sappy. I quickly found myself growing attached to the characters and thinking of them as if they were real people. I have actually read this book twice, and I enjoyed it just as much if not more the second time I read it.
  3. From This Moment On By Shania Twain Published March 27th 2012
    This is a biography of the famous country singer Shania Twain, and if you are at all of a Shania Twain fan its a must read. I myself am a huge fan, and after reading this I only became a bigger fan. Even for people who are not fans of her I would recommend her biography to because her story is inspiring. Shania never gave up on her dream even when everyone around her had.