New Technology

New Technology

The article I looked at is called “Nintendo Switch, and the Unconventional Hype for an Unusual Game Console” it’s about the new Nintendo Switch that Nintendo has created. This article was in the New York Times and they stated that, “Switch will be released in March.” From my knowledge (as the article doesn’t explain this) the Nintendo Switch is a new game controller that works on many devices; it has 2 controllers and is a 2 player game. In the game your playing against each other trying to beat one another. According to the article, Nintendo is concerned for the demand in the market, as devices such as smartphones are doing good in the market. Nintendo comes up with many devices and games, they always have, but demands are high now-a-days. Nintendo is also figuring out how to get Switch to where consumers want to buy it.

There’s always so many new games and technology coming out that everyone always feels they need to get their hands on. Nintendo goes way back with their products, and I’ll admit I’ve had a few of them. When I read this article I was a little confused because I thought it was going to be about Switch and how it works, but it’s actually about the marketing of the product and what Nintendo is worried about and focused on for the future. I always forget about all the marketing that goes into a new product and its company; I always forget about how complicated it can be to make consumers want devises. But at the same time, it’s Nintendo, so I don’t imagine it would be too difficult as they are a popular company. I’m also not too into games so I don’t always understand how difficult some things can be with a product, but I do enjoy many games, and I have many friends and relatives that are game crazy. I was more game crazy when I was a kid then I am now, now I’m more music, Netflix, and devise crazy- which I’m sure is something other companies have to think about when it comes to marketing.


Nick Wingfield. “Nintendo Switch, and the Unconventional Hype for a Unusual Game Console.” The New York Times. Accessed 4 March 2017.

Computer Scams

My Computer Scam website that I chose is called “Scammers are spoofing news sites to promote health products.”

This article is about how scammers try to sell “healthy” products to others, and usually their’re paying with a debit/credit card. These scammers try and fool people with their products. They make them think that they’re healthy when they’re really not. They show people fake proof and statistics making people think they have a great product that has a really high percentage that is really fake.

My opinion on this is that I would believe this really happens. It’s so easy to fool people on the internet. They make their product look great and fancy, when it’s just a butch of crap. It makes me wonder if there’s been some products that caught my attention that was really fake. I’ve almost wanted to buy some things, but luckily I have a family that told me no. And one product I saw said I had to order within like 24 hours or something to get a good deal, another way scammers try to trick us.

Andrew Johnson. “Scammers are spoofing news sites to promote health products.” Federal Trade Commission: Consumer Information. Accessed 25 February, 2017.

How to create a graph from Google Spreadsheets

How to create a graph from Google Spreadsheets.

1. Open a Google Spreadsheets that you’ve been working on.

Capture- how to #1.PNG

2. Highlight the row you want to create a graph from.

Capture- how to #2.PNG

3. In the tool bar above, click on the bar imagery.

Capture- how to #3.PNG

4. Once you click on that, this will pop up. From here you can create and customize your graph/chart.

Capture- how to #4.PNG

5. Here is where you’re able to customize your graph/chart.

Capture- how to #5.PNG

6. Once you’re done, you can click ‘insert’ in the bottom left corner. And there you have your graph or chart.

Capture- how to #6.PNG

My 3 Favorite Books

  1. “The Good, The Bad, and The Grace of God.” By Jep and Jessica Robertson, was published June 23rd, 2015. This book is about the trials that both Jep and Jessica went through throughout their lives, and how they came to meeting each other.
  2. “The Hunger Games” The first of the Hunger Games Series. By Suzanne Collins, it was published in September 14th, 2008. This book is about how Katnis volunteers as tribute for her sister Prim. This means that Katnis has to fight for her life in the Hunger Games that the Capital holds every year.
  3. “The Hunger Game: Mockingjay” The 3rd and last of the Hunger Games Series. By Suzanne Collins, it was published in August 24th, 2010. This book is about how Katnis and some of the 12 Districts in the Capital riot against the Capital and President Snow to become free and live in peace without the Hunger Games.