The Pros and Cons of Social Media

In the article it talks about the pros and cons of Social Media and how it impacts our lives.  It start with friends and relations social media has blocked the barrier of communication. People are able to connect with old friends and create new ones. There are opportunities to meet like-minded people and keep a voice of your own out there. We are able to look for businesses more than ever and connect with them over the internet. The negatives of social media is addiction. More people would more likely would want to be on their phone or computer and check out social media instead of face to face communication. A study was conducted to show that it can lead to distraction towards people who don’t need it.

Overall the author had little research which had shown percentages of how social media can lead to distraction towards workers. Because it was little research I couldn’t see how social media was an addiction and how it lead to isolation. I am sure there have been cases but I really needed to see how. There were good pointers like face to face communication and how it’s not as common because so many people are looking at screens than faces.

Syed Noman Ali, “Social Media A Good Thing Or A Bad thing?” Accessed March 22, 2017

New Technology

Apis Cor is a company that built the 3d printer so that they can “print homes” The plan of the house are meant to be “fast, eco-friendly, efficient and reliable.”(Apis Cor) it was meant to improve the conditions for people and their homes. It took less than a day to make this house with a 3d printer. The printer builds the skeleton of the house and than the house builders come in and start working on the interior and building the walls around to make it a home.  In order to make one of these home the estimated cost would be about $10,000 with the windows being the expensive part. I think the idea of having it built was smart but really in the end, what matters is the financial cost. If they tweaked it hard enough the technology could advance and become the efficient technology that Apis Cor is meant to aim for.
Deamer, Kasey “This House 3D Printed in Less than 24 hours” March 7, 2017.

Privacy and Security Issues Research

The article itself is a review based on the information from a man named ‘Jules” who is a very important person when it comes to privacy security with years of experience to talk about these issues. There has been an uprising concern with privacy because we have developed so much technology like wearable, phones, smart TV’s as well as social media which has extended for more and not less privacy. Artificial intelligence has been a scare with cameras practically everywhere you look, and technology drones now roaming the roads and highways. In order to make a difference and make sure there is still privacy. Jules is making an effort to examine all of these technology products to ensure better privacy.

For this man to address the concerns of technology seems like not everybody is closed minded in to what is around us. It feels more secure knowing someone who has experience with privacy concerns can make a difference and finding for people to be private in a non-private developing world.

Polentsky, Jules.” “Industry Leaders and Academic Privacy Researchers :Adversaries or Partners? February 15, 2017.

Loan Comparison

Period date payment interest amount balance reduction balance APR = 4%
0 $85,000.00 Years = 15
1 01/01/2017 $7,249.40 $304.58 $6,944.81 $78,055.19 PMT = $7,249.40
2 02/01/2017 $7,249.40 $279.70 $6,969.70 $71,085.49
3 03/01/2017 $7,249.40 $254.72 $6,994.67 $64,090.81
4 04/01/2017 $7,249.40 $229.66 $7,019.74 $57,071.07
5 05/01/2017 $7,249.40 $204.50 $7,044.89 $50,026.18
6 06/01/2017 $7,249.40 $179.26 $7,070.14 $42,956.04
7 07/01/2017 $7,249.40 $153.93 $7,095.47 $35,860.57
8 08/01/2017 $7,249.40 $128.50 $7,120.90 $28,739.67
9 09/01/2017 $7,249.40 $102.98 $7,146.41 $21,593.26
10 10/01/2017 $7,249.40 $77.38 $7,172.02 $14,421.24
11 11/01/2017 $7,249.40 $51.68 $7,197.72 $7,223.51
12 12/01/2017 $7,249.40 $25.88 $7,223.51 $0.00


Period date payment interest amount balance reduction balance APR = 4%
0 $80,000.00 Years = 30
1 01/01/2017 $6,811.99 $266.67 $6,545.33 $73,454.67 PMT = $6,811.99
2 02/01/2017 $6,811.99 $244.85 $6,567.14 $66,887.53
3 03/01/2017 $6,811.99 $222.96 $6,589.03 $60,298.50
4 04/01/2017 $6,811.99 $200.99 $6,611.00 $53,687.50
5 05/01/2017 $6,811.99 $178.96 $6,633.03 $47,054.47
6 06/01/2017 $6,811.99 $156.85 $6,655.14 $40,399.32
7 07/01/2017 $6,811.99 $134.66 $6,677.33 $33,721.99
8 08/01/2017 $6,811.99 $112.41 $6,699.59 $27,022.41
9 09/01/2017 $6,811.99 $90.07 $6,721.92 $20,300.49
10 10/01/2017 $6,811.99 $67.67 $6,744.32 $13,556.17
11 11/01/2017 $6,811.99 $45.19 $6,766.81 $6,789.36
12 12/01/2017 $6,811.99 $22.63 $6,789.36 $0.00


  • There are currently 16.680 people living in Pendleton, Oregon.
  • There are three main tribes residing on the Umatilla Indian Reservation ( Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla)
  • Pendleton became a city in 1880
  • Pendleton Woolen Mills was created by a man named Thomas Kay in 1909. Each blanket was suppose to provide for an Indian.
  • Pendleton is the trading center for wheat and pea production

Pendleton OR. accessed;  January 12, 2017

“Welcome to Pendleton Oregon,” Accessed; January 12, 2017


  1. “Flight”  Author; Sherman Alexie Date of Publications; March 28, 2007. This book is interesting because the author uses first person and transitions into different people with each chapter. Good enough to keep up and actually understand what is going on. I also have the book signed by him.
  2. Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie Date of publication;  September 1996. This book is dark and filled with hatred. I like the book because it shows the frustrations of how people see Native Americans and vice versa.
  3. “Book of Blood” by Clive Barker Date of Publications; September 1998. There are 3 volumes of the book and they are all filled with short horror stories. They are all brilliant and unexpected. The stories are original and you will sit there wondering “How did you do it Clive?”