New Technology

An article by Kacey Deamer was recently published to the Live Science website. Her article focused on a rather unique and extremely interesting new piece of technology called “glowing, living gloves”. The gloves are not what is necessarily important, it is what is located inside the gloves that is quite ingenious. E-Coli bacterial cells inside a hydro-gel are made to light up up when they come in contact with certain substances and chemicals. Researchers have said that this new invention could be helpful to crime scene investigators, medical officials and potentially anyone else who might need help detecting certain chemicals. Timothy Lu a professor of biological engineering said, “With this design, people can put different types of bacteria in these devices to indicate toxins in the environment, or disease on the skin”. For example if a doctor or someone was trying to detect a harmful chemical on the skin or any surface, they could use the glove, or whatever the E-coli is attached to and the substance will begin to glow if it comes into contact with the chemical.

This new technology could help many people, and maybe even help investigators catch a criminal or solve a crime much easier. The potential of this new technology could be amazing.


Staff Writer, Kacey Deamer, “Glowing, ‘living’ gloves could aid crime scene investigations”

Computer Security/Privacy and “Phishing”

Phishing is not your typical day on the river with your grandpa catching the occasional salmon as one might think. This type of fishing is very dangerous and much less enjoyable activity that can leave someone’s personal information and privacy at risk. It is a very simple concept to grasp. First, someone will attempt to email or message another person a link to a site that is very popular, such as “” or “www.nbccom” which look like your everyday news sites. But in fact these URL’s are not what most would believe them to be. Once the receiver of this email or message clicks on the embedded link, he or she are then taken to a completely different page that has nothing to do with what was in the description. Instead the URL that promised a video or lets say “cash prize giveaway” contains malware or a virus. This virus then can take over an individuals computer, making there photos, contacts, and other personal information visible to whom ever sent them the link.

To make sure that you or someone else is not the victim of one of these attacks it is very important to take precautions when opening a suspicious link or email. One way to avoid falling victim to this heinous crime is to make sure the link is actually what it says it is. By entering it somewhere to verify its authenticity before clicking it immediately. Another way to reduce your chances of being “hacked” is to use an operating system like “Tails” or “Virus Total” which help to better protect someone from harmful viruses and malware.

Phishing is a very scary thing. Anyone can fall victim to it if they aren’t careful. Which is why it is very important to be aware of these things and know how to take the necessary steps in order to protect your computer and information from whoever might try and get it.


Article “How to Avoid Phishing Attacks

How to make a survey on Google.

1. First you will need open your google drive and select NEW, then select more at the bottom and then select Google forms.

how to screenshot2. Next once Forms is selected it will then take you where you can begin creating a form or survey. First thing to do is create a title for your form, for example the title of this for is ” Movie Night”.

how to screenshot3.  Once your title is made you can then start generating questions for your form. For example since this form is titled “Movie Night” a question could be “what is your favorite movie?”.

how to screenshot4. Next. we can choose how those who are taking the survey can answer a question, whether it is multiple choice, long or short answers, a scale, or checkboxes. In this case I chose to make it multiple choice. To choose the answer style you click on the tab located directly to the right of the question title.

how to screenshot

5. Once you have a title and all the questions and answer styles you need, you can also create a background color or add an image to give your survey more flavor. This can be found at the top by clicking the color pallet.

how to screenshot6. You can choose a plethora of colors and photos to make your survey look better. This was just the basic information one might need to make a simple survey.

Loan Comparison

In this post I will compare a 15 year loan to a 30 year loan.

15 year loan totals:

  1. Total Interest= $115,879.68
  2. Total Payment= $265,879.68
  3. Monthly Payment= $1,477.11

30 year loan totals:

  1. Total Interest= $265,213.28
  2. Total Payment= $415,213.28
  3. Monthly Payment= $1,153.37

Pros of a 15 and 30 year loan.

In a 15 year loan with a balance of 150,000 and an APR rate of 8.5% an individual would take less time to pay off the loan. In addition both the interest and payment totals are almost cut in half as compared to the 30 year loan plan. As for the pros of a 30 year Loan, there aren’t really any. The only upside is the fact that the monthly payment is less than that of the 15 year.

Cons of a 15 an 30 year loan.

The con of a 15 year loan compared to a 30 year loan are, in a 15 year loan an individual would pay more in monthly payments than someone who has a 30 year plan. This is the only major con in a 15 year loan. For a 30 year loan plan, the list of cons seems to be much larger. First off, in a 30 year loan it would take much longer to pay off the debt,and both the interest rate and payment totals nearly double.

In conclusion the better of the two loan plans would have to be the 15 year plan by a long shot.

Link: Loan Comparison

Amazing Facts About My Birthplace, Caldwell Idaho.

  • Caldwell ID.
  • Caldwell is home to The College of Idaho and College of Western Idaho.
  • The state of Idaho was named after the Indian word ‘ídaahę́’ (meaning “the Land of many Waters”)
  • Idaho is known as “The Gem State” or “The Potato” State.
  • Idaho’s Capitol Building is the only one in the United States heated by geothermal water. The hot water is tapped and pumped from a source 3,000 feet underground.
  • Idaho produces one third of the potatoes produced in the U.S.
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3 of my favorite books.

  1. Reflections on the Art of Living By Joseph Campbell. Published in 1991.
    This book is great in a way that it tells how one should live in order to experience a happier and healthier life.
  2. The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho. Published in 1998.
    This book tells a story about a young shepherd, but while telling his story it also gives the reader words of wisdom to live by.
  3. The Prophet By Khalil Gibran. Published in 1923.
    This book explains different areas of life such as love, hate, etc. basically everything in life is explained in a unique way.