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Math Pathways

Should you take MTH062 & MTH098 (Happy, Fun Math) ?
Should you take MTH070 & MTH095 (ALGEBRA) ?

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Quant Lit

Quantitative Literacy, MTH062, MTH098, is an alternative to algebra

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Computer Literacy

Check out CS160!
With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.

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Math & CS Staff

Contact us with any Questions.

Name Phone Email Office Role
Stan Beach 541-278-5808 E-108 Math & CS Teacher
Ann Marie Hardin 541-278-5761 E-107 Math, CS, & Engineering Teacher
Pete Hernberg 541-278-5815 E-106 Math & CS Teacher, Department Chair
Gary Parker 541-278-5772 E-109 Math & CS Teacher
Greg Schulberg 541-278-5812 E-111 Math & CS Teacher

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CS 160 Fun Computer Literacy

So, you have to take a computer literacy class. Try CS160, A Gentle Introduction to Programming. Use Scratch to create animations and games.

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Hour of CodeTM

Are you interested in attending an Hour of CodeTM, or hosting an Hour of CodeTM, in your classroom, or for your school?

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