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Quant Lit

Quantitative Literacy is an alternative to algebra. Check it out. Most students don't need much algebra since they aren't going on to calculus. Are you going on to calculus?

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an svg grid


For those of you who are going on in science, math, and engineering.

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Gary's mountain bike


Math for Elementary School Teachers! There is nothing better than helping others learn more math.

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Code with Scratch


Some people need to learn algebra, but most don't. Still algebra is beautiful and amazing, a work of art.

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CS 160 Fun Computer Literacy

So, you have to take a computer literacy class. Try CS160, A Gentle Introduction to Programming. Use Scratch to create animations and games.

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scratch cat

Math Pathways See for yourself.

Should you take MTH062 & MTH098 (Happy, Fun Math) ?
Should you take MTH070 & MTH095 (ALGEBRA) ?

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Quantitative Literacy, master percentages

Quantitative Literacy Math for Fun.

You only need algebra if you plan to take Calculus.

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a sample graphic